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How to use the baby powder for different purposes

Who would have thought? The baby powder is a great product for the baby’s soft and fragile skin but its function goes beyond that. If you think the baby powder can be used only for babies, you are wrong. Below, we have listed several tricks that will solve you many problems by using a simple baby powder.

The baby powder can increase the volume of your eyelashes. Before you retouch your eyelashes, put some powder on them. This will increase their volume and they will look better for hours.

You can use the baby powder as a dry shampoo. Use the baby powder if you have greasy hair and you don’t have time to take a shower. Put powder over your hair and start massaging your scalp. After that, brush your hair and you will notice that they are not greasy anymore.

It can erase the fat marks on your clothes. If your clothes have fat marks over them, put powder on the mark and start washing them until the mark removes.

Refresh and aromatize your bed sheet. Spread powder over your washed bed sheet and your skin will feel better in them.

It can shine your leather jackets or shoes.

The baby powder can soften the animals’ pelage. Put some powder over the pelage of your animal and start massaging it. You will soon notice that their pelage has become softer. Be very careful when putting powder over your animal’s skin.

The baby powder can be used before the epilating process. Before you epilate, put baby powder over your skin, mostly in the sensitive areas. This will make the epilating process less painful and will make your skin feel soft and less irritated.

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