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Soft Green Contact Lenses


Soft green contact lenses are some of the most popular lenses in the market right now. They provide a seductive and unique look, perfect both for a night out in the city or a day meeting with friends. The color green itself beholds a sense of peace and mystery which makes it perfect for all occasions.


After all, colored contact lenses are almost regarded as make-up. They are used to change your eye color, your entire facial complexion, and your appearance in a matter of seconds, before a date, a trip or a picnic.

How soft green contact lenses work

Soft green contact lenses are made of a material called Polyhema. This is a flexible and soft plastic that makes green contacts very easy to put on, take off and have on your eyes for extended hours. In terms of color, soft green contacts are composed of small dots, almost resembling pixels in the area that mimics the iris.

green contacts for dark eyes

The iris is the part of the eye responsible for your natural color.


In green contact lenses, these dots are all in green and cover the iris, thus giving it a green tint and shade. There are different kinds of soft green contact lenses, however. Part of the collection includes Sensitive Green, Spring Green, Lovejoy, Dream Green. The major changes between these four types of green lenses consist of the colors of the dots that compose them. Each type has a different shade, therefore, providing a different final effect on the eye.

Green Contact Lenses

In addition, soft green contact lenses can be one, two or three-tone. One-tone green contacts are composed of dots only one color.


Two-tone green contacts are made of two different colored dots while three-tone green contacts have a darker outer ring and two different colors of dots in the middle.


Depending on your occasion you are interested in attending, you can choose which type of soft green contacts to go for. If you are having an adventurous day out on a boat or in a picnic, the Spring Green contact lenses will make you feel quite at ease in between the bright colors of nature. If you are going clubbing in the city, the Dream Green contact lenses will make you utterly attractive.


If it is a date you are looking to impress, the Sensitive Green or Lovejoy soft green contact lenses will give you a charm that anyone will be unable to resist!


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