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The secret of happiness Travel TRAVEL 

The secret of happiness? Travel

A study conducted by, including 17000 people from 17 different countries shows interesting insights and statistics about the travel industry.

¾ of world’s population that has average annual income book a trip at least once a year.  Vacations can increase your happiness and reduce your stress levels. In the study conducted by, 49% of the people said that they have felt happier while traveling than the day they got married. In turn, 51% of the study’s recipients said that they would better travel than go out with their partners. 77% of the people say they book travel programs to feel happier. 7 out of 10 people think that the best time of their life is when they are traveling.

All the survey participants said that they prefer to book a hotel, hostel or a villa when traveling, while only a small part of them prefer to book an apartment where they can stay with their families or a group of friends.

In other words, traveling makes us feel happy, no matter the destination or the type of vacations we do. This goes the same when you are staying in a 5 star hotel of you have booked a small room in a guesthouse.

The majority of the survey participants agreed that traveling (no matter the destination or the duration) is one of the most preferable life experiences. People would prefer traveling than receiving gifts, jewelery or other accessories. According to, 60% of the survey participants said they reached the maximal happiness while traveling.

It is interesting to know the reasons that stand between these statements. People didn’t travel that much in the past as they do nowadays and they found happiness in other ways. According to Shawn Achor, happiness expert who has been graduated by the Harvard University says that “in a world where time has transformed into money, people who travel think that traveling is the best investment they can make.”

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