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Salt, pepper and lemon can cure these diseases HEALTH 

Salt, pepper and lemon can cure these diseases

Salt, pepper and lemon are not only used as supplementary items for various food dishes but also as natural drugs in healing many diseases.

Their combination can create a magic natural healer that can be used in many ways. For example, the combination can ease throat pains. In order to do this, you have to take one glass of hot water and pour a spoon of lemon juice in it, half (small) spoon of black pepper and a small spoon sea salt. Flush your mouth with the produced mixture for several days and you will soon notice recovery signs for sore throat. This mixture will also help you to prevent cough.

The combination of lemon, pepper and salt can also be used to control vomiting. If you are feeling in a state where you are ready to vomit, prepare the following combination and see the great results of it. Mix a spoon of lemon juice and a small spoon of black pepper in a big glass full of hot water. Drink the mixture slowly, until you feel better.

The combination can assimilate the Gallstones. If you suffer from Gallstones, mix the olive oil with lemon, salt and black pepper and consume it for a few days. Before doing that, please consult with the doctor or take weekly visits to see if the mixture is taking effect.

The mixture can soothe the tooth pains. If you are feeling in pain, mix a small spoon of pepper with clove oil, and drink it. This will ease the pain in a few minutes. These magic products, when mixed, can also help people who suffer from asthma.

Natural products are the champions when it comes to curing diseases and easing the pain but as any other products, these too can cause side effects if they are consumed at higher amounts than recommended.

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