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How to have a safe travel with your baby

Young parents might frighten when they hear sayings like “you will not be able to travel anymore like you used to when you were childless”. Do you really think babies or small children will not be able to travel by plane? This is not true at all and young parents know it very well. You can travel with your baby, but you have to be very careful during this process.

One of the most important things parents have to do before taking their babies onboard is to investigate about the airline’s conditions for babies and children. Below, we have listed some advice that will help young parents to take care of their babies while traveling by plane.

1. Don’t give him/her drinks during the travel.
Avoid any type of drinks for your baby, except from chamomile tea and milk, if the baby is feeling hungry or thirsty.

2. Take your baby to the bathroom
Before the flight starts, take your baby to the bathroom if you want to avoid frequent visits to the bathroom during the flight.

3. Take something to eat during the flight
You always need to have something to eat for your baby during the flight. Even if the baby doesn’t feel hungry, in a situation when he/she can feel tired or irritated, you can give him/her food.

4. Don’t forget to take some pain reliever pills
When you are taking a flight, you never know what may happen during the flight hours. So, it is recommended you always have some pills that are used as pain relievers and fever reducers. Your child may experience head ache, stomach ache or tooth ache. You always need a backup plan for such situations.

5. Dress your baby in comfortable clothes
Do not overdress your baby, it is not necessary. Dress him/her in comfortable clothes is he/she doesn’t feel uncomfortable while being sat in a chair for hours.

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