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Which are the reasons your ears are damaged?

There are many factors that in time reduce the ability of a person to hear. Most of the reasons are as listed below: the aging process, the explosion to noises or chunking, if the person suffers from an inherited ear disease, ear infections, the frequent consumption of alcohol, smoking habits, several types of antibodies, viral infections or head traumas, chemotherapy treatments, etc.

How to prevent the degeneration of ears?

If you are experiencing hearing problems, you should immediately visit the doctor and examine your ears. First, you should check if you are suffering from one of the above mentioned symptoms in order to identify what is causing you hearing problems.

However, a visit at the doctor is a must for you, in order to identify if you are suffering from a short term or long term damage of the ears. If you neglect this and postpone your doctor appointment, your situation will deteriorate and will face dangerous health consequences.

Is it always about genetics?

If a person experiences hearing problems during the childhood, this can be inherited to his/her children. 1 in 2 newborn babies suffer from the hearing loss since their birth. If this health problem will not be identified in time, the child may suffer grave consequences not only in the hearing process but also in understanding and communicating, in general.

Newborn babies can undergo professional ear examinations which will identify if the baby has hearing problems or not. And mostly all the ear diseases can be cured.

Parents also can easily identify if their child is having hearing problems or not. If your baby does not react to noises or when someone calls his/her name, you should immediately send the baby at the doctor. A parent should always be very aware when it comes to baby’s life functions.


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