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The positive effects of Vaseline for reducing wrinkles HEALTH WOMAN 

The positive effects of Vaseline for reducing wrinkles

Being born with a perfect skin is a great advantage for many women, but what happens when your skin starts to lose its freshness and elasticity? There comes the periods when wrinkles start to appear and make women look old and not enough pretty.

A healthy skin can make a woman feel better, increase her self esteem and also can improve the way she looks during the day (with a little makeup or no makeup at all). A face skin without wrinkles is every woman’s dream and the cosmetics industry is always ready in providing temporary solutions.

The most dangerous thing about a woman’s skin is not her age but the summer season when the sun rays are stronger than ever.  Sun is the number one cause for the creation of wrinkles in women and men too. That’s why it is very important for you to keep your face hydrated during the day, especially in the noon and afternoon.

One of the least expensive products you can use to keep your face hydrated is Vaseline. Vaseline is a very good product that can do a deep hydration of your skin, by helping you in preventing wrinkles and acnes.

Vaseline contains mineral oil, ceresin, lanolin, alcohol and other elements that will help your face stay healthy. These products also play an important role in keeping a high level of elasticity in your skin. What type of Vaseline you should choose? It depends if you are currently using a type of Vaseline. Doctors recommend women to use organic Vaseline, without coloring and no aroma.

Take care of your skin every day. Jim Rohn has a great quote about taking care for our bodies: “Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in”.


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