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Why newborn babies don’t sleep well CURIOSITY 

Why newborn babies don’t sleep well

One of the worst habits of newborns is their sleeping agenda. Newborn babies often feel very uncomfortable during sleep and this happens for a lot of reasons.

Often, sleep is related to other habits such as breastfeeding or hearing lullabies. But sometimes, these habits can bring negative consequences to the child’s sleep. They can cause a troubling sleep or can make the child nap without being able to sleep as it should.

How can a young mother understand if the baby’s sleep is related to a certain habit?

Usually, children that need to be “lied” in order to sleep (by breastfeeding them, for example), don’t sleep well and wake up often. This happens because the child needs to repeat the action which put him/her to sleep.

Here are the main behaviors that will let a mother know of her child have created a certain “sleeping habit”:

  • The child will not be able to sleep until you breastfeed him/ her, until you give him/her the pacifier or until you start singing lullabies.
  • The child can sleep only if is being fed with breast milk by the mother.
  • The child wakes up crying only 30 minutes after it was put to sleep. (Sometimes, it takes less than 30 minutes for the newborn baby to awake).
  • The child wakes often during the night, at least 1 in two hours.
  • The child needs to have a pacifier in his/her mouth and if it slips from the mouth, the baby wakes up and starts to cry.
  • The child needs to be hugged by the mother or to take breast milk in order to go back to sleep.
  • The child takes several naps during the day.
  • The child cries hysterically when the mother puts him/her into bad.
  • The child stays near to is/her mother during the day and is irritated and not in a good mood.

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