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Why newborn babies cry while sleeping?

For many mothers, hearing their newborn babies cry for many minutes is concerning but when babies cry while sleeping, that becomes a more serious concern for parents. According to doctors, this is a common thing at babies, especially during the first days of their life. There are several reasons that can cause this phenomenon but the most important thing parents should know is the fact that a baby can wake up at night and fall back to sleep in a natural way. The whole point is that mothers not always should intervene and try to put the baby back to sleep, because in most of the cases that is not necessary.

However, it is very important to know what causes crying during sleeping and this is what we will explain in this article. Crying often happens because the child needs to cry before the REM phase. At this phase, doctors suggest that mothers should intervene and try to calm the baby.

In the REM phase, sleep is very deep and the baby’s eyes twinkle at a fast pace. During this phase, it is very important to NOT intervene but it is important to identify the reasons why the baby is crying (the child might feel hungry; he/she might need to change the diapers, etc.).

The REM phase is very important for the physical health of the baby. It lasts at least 60 minutes in total during one night, and it is showcased every two hours during the non REM sleep. Every REM phase can last no more than 15-20 minutes and during this period, the child experiences dreams (day’s experiences).

If the baby has respiratory problems, he/she will experience frequent awakening and will obviously start to cry. Crying can also be caused by other reasons.


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