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Men are more attractive when they become parents

Nowadays, men that have become parents are considered more attractive than when they are single. This is something researchers have come into conclusion after asking thousands of women around the world.

According to a survey done lately, women tend to think that their husbands have become more attractive after becoming fathers. Psychologists say this opinion comes due to the fact that a father’s role in the family and in the process of raising children has changed dramatically in the last 30 years.

If fathers were once considered as the authority that brings food in the table and was not seen as an active participant in raising the children, nowadays fathers are a very important figure in the child’s life. In many countries, fathers can take pregnancy leaves before and after the wife gives birth to the child. Sometimes, fathers also quit their job to take care of the newborn baby.

Nowadays, it is not a rare phenomenon to see fathers spending time with their children in public parks or in being the key role to the child’s raising process.

According to the study’s conductors, this is one of the key reasons why women think men become more attractive when they become parents. Women change their way of thinking about men, by adding to their opinion the emotional state that a father’s actions can produce.

The more caring, lovely and committed to the family and the child’s well being, the more attractive the male looks in the eyes of his wife. It is very important to notice that men get more affection and love from their wives after they become parents.

Men should by now understand that being a good and committed parent is a very important thing not only for the child, but also for their wives and for the family in general terms.


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