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The Four myths of cosmetics BEAUTY CURIOSITY 

The Four myths of cosmetics

Cosmetics is one of the biggest industries and will forever continue to produce hopes and solutions for women and men. Doing makeup is now a daily routine not only for women but also for men. It is a ritual that makes us feel better when we see ourselves in the mirror and boosts our self esteem. In the world of cosmetics, there are several myths that people believe are true and do not want to put into question.

One of the most difficult things is to change people’s minds about something that they already know. Let us try to do this with you by showing you 5 myths about cosmetics:

1. The red lipstick is not for every woman – Wrong! The Red color has so many nuances; you should only know what nuance is the best for you, based on the color of your foundation and the color of your hair (or eye makeup).

2. Eyebrows should be two times darker than hair: This is a totally false myth. This is only applicable for women whose hair color is the same as custard’s color. Brunettes should avoid having dark eyebrows because this will make their face look wild and older.

3. Lips will look bigger and fuller if you contour them several times with lip pencil – Not true! If you contour your lips several times, they will look very artificial and not in a good shape. Instead, try to apply white foundation or lipstick in the middle of your upper lip.

4. You don’t need to wash the makeup brushes if you are the only one using them – Despite if there is only person using the set of brushes, you should wash your brushes often because the long usage of them puts them in direct contact with the dead cells of your skin and they accumulate many bacteria. You should was your brushes with water and soap.


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