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How to have wonderful vacations at low cost TRAVEL 

How to have wonderful vacations at low cost

Vacations are a must for everyone who works during the entire year and whatever happens to you or in whatever situation you find yourself, never skip them. However, there are many reasons why millions of people don’t go on vacations at least once a year and this often relates to their tight budget. But, don’t forget. There is always a way out of your problems. Do you want to have wonderful vacations and spend a little for the adventure? In this article, you will find some crazy ideas that you…

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The secret of happiness Travel TRAVEL 

The secret of happiness? Travel

A study conducted by, including 17000 people from 17 different countries shows interesting insights and statistics about the travel industry. ¾ of world’s population that has average annual income book a trip at least once a year.  Vacations can increase your happiness and reduce your stress levels. In the study conducted by, 49% of the people said that they have felt happier while traveling than the day they got married. In turn, 51% of the study’s recipients said that they would better travel than go out with their…

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How Women Should Dress Up When Traveling OTHER TRAVEL WOMAN 

How Women Should Dress Up When Traveling

Traveling is always a good idea… if you are well prepared for it. As every other activity, travel has to take its dedication time to plan and prepare, if you want to have a good time. The dressing part is very important while traveling, although this highly depends on the reason of traveling (business travel, family travel, vacations, urgent travel, etc). When we choose what to wear before traveling, we also take into consideration the mean of traveling. If we travel by plane, the dress won’t be the same as…

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