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green contacts for dark eyes BEAUTY CURIOSITY OTHER 

Soft Green Contact Lenses

  Soft green contact lenses are some of the most popular lenses in the market right now. They provide a seductive and unique look, perfect both for a night out in the city or a day meeting with friends. The color green itself beholds a sense of peace and mystery which makes it perfect for all occasions.   After all, colored contact lenses are almost regarded as make-up. They are used to change your eye color, your entire facial complexion, and your appearance in a matter of seconds, before a…

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breastfeeding is very important for newborn babies BABY CARE HEALTH OTHER WOMAN 

Why breastfeeding is very important for newborn babies

Breastfeeding is the champion when it comes to feeding newborn babies. Many mothers decide not to use this feeding method for their children, for certain reasons, without knowing the damages this causes to their babies. Breastfeeding is the best food for the baby’s digestive system. It also contains all the natural nutrition that the baby’s body needs to grow healthy. The breast milk contains proteins and fats that are easily digested by the baby’s digestive system. It also contains antibodies, elements that prevent the baby’s body from being infected by…

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Which are the reasons your ears are damaged CURIOSITY HEALTH OTHER 

Which are the reasons your ears are damaged?

There are many factors that in time reduce the ability of a person to hear. Most of the reasons are as listed below: the aging process, the explosion to noises or chunking, if the person suffers from an inherited ear disease, ear infections, the frequent consumption of alcohol, smoking habits, several types of antibodies, viral infections or head traumas, chemotherapy treatments, etc. How to prevent the degeneration of ears? If you are experiencing hearing problems, you should immediately visit the doctor and examine your ears. First, you should check if…

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Why newborn babies cry while sleeping BABY CARE OTHER 

Why newborn babies cry while sleeping?

For many mothers, hearing their newborn babies cry for many minutes is concerning but when babies cry while sleeping, that becomes a more serious concern for parents. According to doctors, this is a common thing at babies, especially during the first days of their life. There are several reasons that can cause this phenomenon but the most important thing parents should know is the fact that a baby can wake up at night and fall back to sleep in a natural way. The whole point is that mothers not always…

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Men are more attractive when they become parents CURIOSITY OTHER 

Men are more attractive when they become parents

Nowadays, men that have become parents are considered more attractive than when they are single. This is something researchers have come into conclusion after asking thousands of women around the world. According to a survey done lately, women tend to think that their husbands have become more attractive after becoming fathers. Psychologists say this opinion comes due to the fact that a father’s role in the family and in the process of raising children has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. If fathers were once considered as the authority…

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These 5 habits are making your life miserable CURIOSITY OTHER 

These 5 habits are making your life miserable

Everyone is looking for the perfect life and for daily happiness. But, few of us are aware of the fact that we are our own barrier in reaching happiness. Do you know how much energy and time we spend by thinking what others may think of us or our actions? Loads of time! We also spend a lot of time we spend in daydreaming or thinking about events that could have happened but they didn’t. No one can be happy forever or every day, but with a little effort we…

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Flowers that you blossom during the autumn season CURIOSITY OTHER 

Flowers that you blossom during the autumn season

The importance of having a garden in your house is beyond words. Cicero said a wonderful quote about this: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Gardens release oxygen and clear the air that surrounds us daily, while in the other hand it gives us inspiration and joy about the beauty we see in it. The autumn golden colors are very pretty and give space for creativity. Autumn is considered as “the second spring”. Flowers are one of the most important and esthetic accessories…

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Four Daily Behaviors That Signify a Possible Divorce OTHER 

Four Daily Behaviors That Signify a Possible Divorce

Being able to identify the signs that signify problems in your marriage is a big step into correcting them before it’s too late and in preventing any possible divorce. Psychologists admit that these four types of behavior between couples are warning signs that you may be heading towards a possible divorce. When one of the partners expresses negative emotions in random situations: The way partners express their emotions tells a lot about the couple. If they are positive emotions, the relationship is a positive one. If they are negative, this…

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Which Is The Ideal Age To Get Married OTHER 

Which Is The Ideal Age To Get Married?

At least once, everyone has been put under the pressure of getting married, by the terrible statement: When are you getting married? Years are passing by… etc., etc. You know this is not a fair question because marriage is a very personal issue and others can’t affect your decision about that. And if you really get worried about the fact that you are getting old and have not yet found your soul mate, don’t worry. Behavioral scientists have come up at the conclusion of a perfect age for getting married….

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