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Soft Green Contact Lenses

  Soft green contact lenses are some of the most popular lenses in the market right now. They provide a seductive and unique look, perfect both for a night out in the city or a day meeting with friends. The color green itself beholds a sense of peace and mystery which makes it perfect for all occasions.   After all, colored contact lenses are almost regarded as make-up. They are used to change your eye color, your entire facial complexion, and your appearance in a matter of seconds, before a…

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The Four myths of cosmetics BEAUTY CURIOSITY 

The Four myths of cosmetics

Cosmetics is one of the biggest industries and will forever continue to produce hopes and solutions for women and men. Doing makeup is now a daily routine not only for women but also for men. It is a ritual that makes us feel better when we see ourselves in the mirror and boosts our self esteem. In the world of cosmetics, there are several myths that people believe are true and do not want to put into question. One of the most difficult things is to change people‚Äôs minds about…

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