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The Four myths of cosmetics BEAUTY CURIOSITY 

The Four myths of cosmetics

Cosmetics is one of the biggest industries and will forever continue to produce hopes and solutions for women and men. Doing makeup is now a daily routine not only for women but also for men. It is a ritual that makes us feel better when we see ourselves in the mirror and boosts our self esteem. In the world of cosmetics, there are several myths that people believe are true and do not want to put into question. One of the most difficult things is to change people’s minds about…

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The positive effects of Vaseline for reducing wrinkles HEALTH WOMAN 

The positive effects of Vaseline for reducing wrinkles

Being born with a perfect skin is a great advantage for many women, but what happens when your skin starts to lose its freshness and elasticity? There comes the periods when wrinkles start to appear and make women look old and not enough pretty. A healthy skin can make a woman feel better, increase her self esteem and also can improve the way she looks during the day (with a little makeup or no makeup at all). A face skin without wrinkles is every woman’s dream and the cosmetics industry…

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Which are the reasons your ears are damaged CURIOSITY HEALTH OTHER 

Which are the reasons your ears are damaged?

There are many factors that in time reduce the ability of a person to hear. Most of the reasons are as listed below: the aging process, the explosion to noises or chunking, if the person suffers from an inherited ear disease, ear infections, the frequent consumption of alcohol, smoking habits, several types of antibodies, viral infections or head traumas, chemotherapy treatments, etc. How to prevent the degeneration of ears? If you are experiencing hearing problems, you should immediately visit the doctor and examine your ears. First, you should check if…

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Why newborn babies cry while sleeping BABY CARE OTHER 

Why newborn babies cry while sleeping?

For many mothers, hearing their newborn babies cry for many minutes is concerning but when babies cry while sleeping, that becomes a more serious concern for parents. According to doctors, this is a common thing at babies, especially during the first days of their life. There are several reasons that can cause this phenomenon but the most important thing parents should know is the fact that a baby can wake up at night and fall back to sleep in a natural way. The whole point is that mothers not always…

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Why newborn babies don’t sleep well CURIOSITY 

Why newborn babies don’t sleep well

One of the worst habits of newborns is their sleeping agenda. Newborn babies often feel very uncomfortable during sleep and this happens for a lot of reasons. Often, sleep is related to other habits such as breastfeeding or hearing lullabies. But sometimes, these habits can bring negative consequences to the child’s sleep. They can cause a troubling sleep or can make the child nap without being able to sleep as it should. How can a young mother understand if the baby’s sleep is related to a certain habit? Usually, children…

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Men are more attractive when they become parents CURIOSITY OTHER 

Men are more attractive when they become parents

Nowadays, men that have become parents are considered more attractive than when they are single. This is something researchers have come into conclusion after asking thousands of women around the world. According to a survey done lately, women tend to think that their husbands have become more attractive after becoming fathers. Psychologists say this opinion comes due to the fact that a father’s role in the family and in the process of raising children has changed dramatically in the last 30 years. If fathers were once considered as the authority…

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These 5 habits are making your life miserable CURIOSITY OTHER 

These 5 habits are making your life miserable

Everyone is looking for the perfect life and for daily happiness. But, few of us are aware of the fact that we are our own barrier in reaching happiness. Do you know how much energy and time we spend by thinking what others may think of us or our actions? Loads of time! We also spend a lot of time we spend in daydreaming or thinking about events that could have happened but they didn’t. No one can be happy forever or every day, but with a little effort we…

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Flowers that you blossom during the autumn season CURIOSITY OTHER 

Flowers that you blossom during the autumn season

The importance of having a garden in your house is beyond words. Cicero said a wonderful quote about this: “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Gardens release oxygen and clear the air that surrounds us daily, while in the other hand it gives us inspiration and joy about the beauty we see in it. The autumn golden colors are very pretty and give space for creativity. Autumn is considered as “the second spring”. Flowers are one of the most important and esthetic accessories…

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Phrases that you should never say to your child CURIOSITY 

Phrases that you should never say to your child

Parents should be very careful when talking to their children. There are some phrases and word that for parents may seem okay to communicate to their children, but professors don’t think so. Being a good parent all the time is not an easy task, especially when you are going through frustration periods in your life. But, this should not be used as an excuse for scolding your children when parents are angry or to say negative words to your child. Psychologists say that the way parents communicate with their children…

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Skills that a child earns while growing in their mother’s womb CURIOSITY 

Skills that a child earns while growing in their mother’s womb

In everyone’s eyes, newborn babies are those tinny human beings that start to know about the world we live in, in the moment they open their eyes. But this is not true at all. After many research projects, scientists have discovered that babies, when they are developing as fetuses in their mother’s womb, learn some skills. Although this may sound odd to you, scientists have come up with a list of skills that newborn babies are “born” with. Newborn babies taste the same food as their mothers Peter Hepper, a…

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